What is interesting about modern art is that what is called contemporary can often become long-lasting. And as they endeavor to reinvent signs and ideograms, contemporary artists often merely rediscover a new episode in the long history of creativity.

In all simplicity, JoŽl ROQUIGNY represents the passionate and friendly artist who cares about harmony and expression, and this, let's be honest, singles him out and elevates him above some who tinker vainly in Fine Arts.

Having trained in Lillebonne, studied under Marcel CAND…, and been successful at reputed exhibitions, JoŽl ROQUIGNY devotes himself to analysing his inspiration through well-defined geometric shapes or supple spirals that are both mysterious and alluring.

These linear interlaced designs bring life to his work, which nevertheless loses none of its personality or dynamism. By adding characters, his oversimplified beings, and fascinating faces with their expressive sobriety, JoŽl ROQUIGNY crafts an original language that is not dissimilar to rock art with its motifs organized around reflection and poetry. Hence his mineral shapes and colours which, painted with watercolours, come alive on intriguing rough and grained surfaces. These astonishingly seductive totems and friezes incite curiosity and lead to admiration.

André RUELLAN, art critic

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